Unable to select Facer from watch faces to reload face

Somehow the watch face I was using via Facer was changed. Now, I am trying to go back to that face, but I can’t get to the Facer selection to select it again on my watch. I’ve reloaded. I’ve done everything I can think of, Facer just isn’t there to select. Very frustrating. Can you help me please? Every answer I’ve found has to do with Apple, I am using a Samsung Watch 4 on Android…

Go to the Galaxy Wear app on your phone and see if you can select Facer from that app. If you can then go to the Facer app on your phone and go to watch box > recent and see if you can select the face you want from there. If the Facer companion app is indeed no longer on your watch, you can use the Facer phone app to reinstall it back to the watch. Just go to settings by clicking the three-line menu on the top left and drop down to Settings near the bottom of the page. When you are in settings look for “Facer Companion App” and click that to reinstall the watch app.


Thank you, that worked, going to the Galaxy Wear app.

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Good Deal, I’m glad it got you going.