Unable to select (photo album) on ios watch setup

Hi gang, new to the app.
Trying to setup the app and watch for use, following the steps in the short tutorial, up until it tells me to select the “photo album”
I dont have “Photo album” as an option to select, only photos.
If I select “Photos” the app obviously doesn’t sync or work as it should.

Full steps taken
step one
Installed Facer.io app to phone
Start facer, selected Apple watch
Sync facer album to watch, open watch app on phone, goto settings, photo, select sync album and choose Facer.

Step two
Select Photo album on watch
push down on watch face, scroll left and select new, choose photo album, not photos
Photo Album not showing up in the list on the watch to select.

I’m on the latest watch update and apple ios update as of today.