Unable to swipe to change watch faces

I am unable to change my watch face on my Asus Zenwatch 2. All software on it as well as on my phone is up to date. Every time I attempt to change it on my watch, I keep receiving the message that I cannot delete the watch face I’m wearing. I know I have several faces on my watch, but can only change them via my phone…Any ideas? TIA!

Do you try to change between Facer faces or between the preload Asus faces? Do you have the latest Wear Os update?

It’s between Facer watch faces. Sometimes I can get it to work, many times I cannot.

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In your watch you have 10 facer faces (20 if you paid the plus). Do you triple tap and then swipe right-to-left?

Hi @twwoods1969!

Based on what you’re describing, it seems like you are holding on the face in the Facer picker while swiping (holding is what brings up the message about deleting the face). Is that the case?

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Thanks to the both of you. I do have 10 faces and I now see what I was doing. I was swiping from left to right and vice versa - but from the very edge of my watch. That was my problem. I needed to swipe from the middle (watch face) and go left or right from there (and of course after triple tapping first).

Thanks again!


Great! The fact that swiping only works in the middle is a bug that we will add to our tracker. Glad it’s resolved though!

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I see that the app was updated - thanks for that! I’m able to easily swipe through my watch faces without a problem. I hope others are able to do so as well.

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