Unable to sync faces Past 2 days

I joined Facer in 2019 and have created maybe 50 faces and published like 10. I would say I am syncing draft watch faces of mine 4 times a week consistently. I am very familiar with my watch, Facer Creator web interface, the Samsung app, and the facer app. I work exclusively from the web interface and sync from there via Bluetooth connection to my iPhone.
I have a Samsung Galaxy 46mm on Tizen iPhone XR
with Facer app.
2 Days ago I was syncing one of my faces and got the error message - “Error loading watchface please try again.” I tried again and again over the last few days, also trying to sync other peoples faces, same result. Did the normal reboot phone, reboot watch, restart Samsung app. In the bluetooth section of my phone the Watch is connected like normal. Tried enabling wifi on watch and was successfully connected, same error message on synce attempt. I also tried syncing via the iPhone Facer app, same error message result.
I have changed NOTHING on my watch or phone in months.
The watch shows its connected via Bluetooth and on the Facer faces that are on my watch, all those faces are functioning normally with correct temperatures, steps,etc.


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Hi John,
it seems to be a local problem, I would deinstall facer on your phone and watch.

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First thing I thought of was to check for updates on Facer App on both Phone & Watch, and then try uninstalling and re-installing both :thinking:
No idea beyond that sorry