Unanswerable review

I got the following comment:
Sharon Dowdy commented on your watchface, WPS Paris Pink Roses Roman 2:
“It does not install. Says I am wearing it and it does not show up on my watch.”
with this link to reply Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more however the review does not show up on the creator page and the link does not allow me to reply.
In any event, I don’t have the technical expertise to help her. I enjoy making watch faces for myself and sharing them, but I am a pediatrician, not a computer person or designer. So maybe you can help her with my watchface and help me with the occasional review I get which I am unable to answer.

I so feel your pain - I get some hateful comments from people who are experiencing known issues with facer but feel that as I designed the watch face it is all my fault… I simply tell them to talk to facer and if they keep sending me pissed off comments I tell them go take a flying leap

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Yea, this kind of suks.

The best way to say it outright is this:
If the face behaves in a different way that the one shown in the in-app preview, then it is always error on behalf of Facer itself and not the creator.

Also another thing: reviews not showing on the creator page.
I now have at least 2 faces that have comments on them only visible in the app and not on the website.
12 days ago I started a request on the https://littlelabshelp.zendesk.com helpdesk about this issue, but I still didn’t receive any responses.
If anyone wants to reference it, then it’s ticket is 20336.

I agree with @patdude and @Mellin. I’ll usually direct buyers to post a message in the Support area of this community. Sometimes if they are persistent, I’ll indicate how many other syncs the face has without any complaints and reiterate a posting in the Support area.


It’s not that I get many complaints, and even if I did, I’m pretty easy going. After all, I’m creating these watch faces for myself, and then I’m sharing. So if somebody has some design requests or issues, I’m more than happy to try to add to a design or make an alternative that meets that person’s needs. I actually get a lot of compliments. Although I did once get a comment stating that the ambient mode needs work, and when I responded asking for a more detailed critique and suggestions (since I had no idea what he was talking about), I got no response. So yeah, if my watch face design leaves you unhappy, at least provide constructive criticism,
But that’s not my issue. I’m simply frustrated by the reviews I can’t answer. And if it’s a technical problem and not an issue about the design, then I would direct them to support since I don’t have the technical expertise to help.
Thanks everyone who responded to support me.