Under construction and some news

So, i got some news to accompany this face.

I stop publishing faces on the market. I want to protect myself and my time. I passed the 65 year mark and i noticed in the past now, that i put myself too much under pressure. I made more 1500 faces (all free), cannot tell how much time and pleasure and stress went with that. I am of course part of the problem and part of the solution. No rat race anymore for me. I probably did some personal overkill :smiley:

Another reason, I want only to share faces with those who interact and i must say after almost 30000 syncs and unknown likes, i got tired of the absence of comment. I don’t care if that is positive or negative but any constructive comment that shows some interest, analyzing, criticism, anything more that a like. That is too superficial for me. I am not a fan of liking that much. I am not interested in 1000 friends by extension of that. My price for my face is interaction.

i will make still faces because i love it and share them here, where the crowd is different and more my liking. And i will help others to improve. Only there i find satisfaction.

So, shoot, what to think about this face.


Very nice work. Truly original.


I can honestly say I’ve never seen a watchface like that one before. And that is coming from someone who goes out on a limb sometimes in creating a watchface. Great Job!


I’ve come to the same conclusion. I am just publishing watch faces I like and I would wear myself. And agree with you. If you feel stressed, you part of the problem. And best is you do not let others stress you.

So I’m taking all the time I like, and setting on quality rather mass production.

But always keen to see your work. :sunglasses:


To all, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all take some time and share your thoughts, which is the reason why I will stay in contact here. Where I can learn something, where I get perspective and inspiration to remain creative. And I can laugh while doing that.

And Tom about stress, I gotta tell this story about a rat (me shall we say) and a boiling pot of hot water (=stress). If you put the rat first in a pot and bring the water to boiling point, there is good chance, that the rat remains in the pot. Because the rat adapts itself to an ever hotter boiling pot. Trying to beat the stress, I can handle it, I can’t complain. But if you put the water first to that same boiling point, the rat jumps out.

Nowadays, I jump out.

Happy holidays to you all!


Interesting idea of busy work bench. Are they all watchmakers tools? :slight_smile:

Relax, your watchfaces are well made and unique. Why should you be under stress, you wont miss any bonus if not finished until some deadline.
I publish now very seldom (if something catches my eye or on request or as a challenge). I made me 2 faces that I am about to settle with, if only facer could run without glitches on my watch.


I like it and totally understand too, all the best to you as always :+1:
One observation: your Day/Date changes every second, as do the Seconds, but would that actually still work on the Dim Display :thinking:


@icrltd4 Sharp eye! True (forgot that a moment :smiley:; the DIM side cannot have indeed dynamic data - because of its static character - as neither the seconds. So the seconds on the DIM are swapped with #DE# and the alternating data fields #DE# and #DdL# (in the field opacity) are hidden.

I am grateful for all these remarks, comments!

By the way, the background is of course offered by Bing Creator. The AI offers me here opportunities i gladly take but i still like to make my own graphic design, it depends.

I am very happy with the animation of the pencil where i explain or point the data. A little Hogwarts wizardry.

Now i am pretty satisfied with the adapted face.


Gotta agree there my friend, that Pointer certainly is a great piece of work :+1:


Inspired by only the best, you guys. Thanks.