Under my ID, not showing watch faces. but creator pages showing

I have created 14 watch faces and uploaded. But under my ID it is showing 0 faces. Here is the screen shot. Please help to see all faces under my ID. Thanks.

Weird, I see them under your account

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Yep. Under ID it is showing 0. Feel sad.

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Could it be you are filtered to something other than WearOS watch faces?


Yes Sir. You are correct. I wrongly filtered by another icon. Now i have changed to wear OS and found all the watch faces under my ID. Many Many Thanks.


Well done @ThaMattie . This new Platform has only been around a few weeks and you are the Master . Do Facer Pay you Anything for having the correct answers.

They pay me with the joy of creating :grin:

Iā€™m a software tester/test automation engineer, Iā€™m used to notice small details and click everywhere I can :crazy_face:

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This must be the Moto of the No Pro Contributor.
Nice one Mattie .
Carry on Clicking .

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Thank you. I came here with the same question.