Understanding the Facer.io process

Hi All,

I’d like to get more exposure to my designs (go figure!). I’m aware that there’s a number of issues to consider: originality, desirability, design / UI / code complexity, to mention a few… but, can someone tell me how to best move forward?

I realize that being ‘featured’ would have a momentous effect on the pitiful number of downloads I’ve achieved (compared to Samsung’s GWS), but I suspect this is difficult to obtain. Still, if someone could illuminate how this is achieved (and what is required) it would be very helpful.

I understand that much of this depends on what I ‘bring to the table’, but some advice would be well received.

Richie Mac (MACH-1)

I am not aware of any set process to being featured. I think the Facer admins simply browse the offerings and pick faces that might gain some popularity by being featured. Sometimes a watch face might get an immediate bump in syncs for a day or so and then drop off the charts. Others become wildly popular from the added exposure. Just depends on how many users sync up a particular face.

One thing I might suggest is to post your work in the design showcase forum, even if it is a work in progress. Plenty of seasoned designers frequent that forum and will give you some excellent feedback, tips and help when you ask for it.

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Hi Ircrotale, Thanks for your feedback and advice.

In response, I really hope users are more than contributors! I can present work to other creators before submission, but I honestly doubt this route will ‘add up’ to something that adds real volume. I’m starting to wonder if Facer creatives are an audience to itself. I’m not attempting to undermine Facer.io, but I know downloads for one watchface on Samsung GS has dwarfed facer by a ratio of 1: 378… (both free…!)

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate that Facer have created a platform for creating watch faces…

The question remains.