Understanding the how behind watchfaces

Newbie - so please point me to a thread or FAQ if I missed it during my quick forum search.
Old Facer I was able to get behind the watch faces and see the layers and how they were developed.
I never took that next step and actually created my own unique face, but I did experiment with tweaking settings/config to see what would happen and what was possible.
New Facer - I can’t see a way to be able to look behind the face itself to understand how the tools were used to create the features and functions. While I wouldn’t expect every developer, especially the ones asking to be paid, would let folks look under the hood, my sense is quite a number are willing to share with the community.
Even for the older faces that I used to be able to do this as well as the new ones - I can’t seem to be able to find how to get to the ‘innards’. Looking for guidance. Thank you and much appreciated.

Right now there is no way to view, edit, or fork an existing watch face made by another person.

I do hope that gets changed though.

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You’re right in that you can’t do that in the Creator, but if you load someone else’s face into “My Watchbox” in the Facer app (from Facerepo for example), then tap the menu and select “Create draft”, it will show up in “My Designs” in the creator and you can do what you like with it. I noticed that the Facer original faces don’t have the “Create draft” option so maybe there are some that are restricted.