Undo last-edit key-combinaton

Would be nice if you just could go a step back if you made a mistake or want to see a design oefore and after an edit. Something like the control-z
in Photoshop. Even better would be a history where you could go back some steps.

I agree too

There already is a undo/redo and a history available in the facer creator.

Greetings, GAUSS.


Just note that history / versioning is a Creator Pro only feature.

I also notice that Ctrl-Z now works as undo in Creator. The undo / redo buttons were there before, but Ctrl-Z was not assigned to it (at least did not work for me when first I tried it). Been using the button since. Perhaps it was added with the recent Creator upgrade.

Ah, didn‘t knew that this is a premium feature.

Normal Undo / Redo is available in the free Creator, but history / versioning is Pro only.

aah ok my bad - found it and I see there a difference in for the premium version -Thanks a million.

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