Une trompe-d’oeil

Hi everybody. I’m Beautychaser but it’s actually Patrick. Yes, I’m chasing beauty, most of the time. It comes in all forms, to everybody and of course differently. Never thought I would chase it here on F so intensely. And what a joy it is to combine creativity and knowledge, experience and especially to share it. And I’m convinced this forum adds and encourages that to everybody.

Let me show you a face of mine. I just worked out, hey, I got many (and that’s what my partner says…).

In every face I make, I noticed there’s always something that pushes me harder to focus on. This time, was to maximise on 3D, creating this illusion, “une trompe-l’oeil“.

So, anyway, I like to see and learn about which techniques you all, use to create an illusion. Let’s restrict that to F-experiences. Thanks for every contribution to this topic.

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You are Right It is a fantastic community . May I suggest you post the other link and open Inspection if you feel inclined . It is always a Pleasure to see someone doing something Different .

Of course! Here it is.


Great .True Spirit .This is stunning .
One thing you must give us guys that have to charge our Watches twice a day for one reason or another .Usually so many test Syncs . Please give us a Battery Gauge .Not the shity Icon one or the Percent .You are quite the person to come up with something abstract . I will show you two favourite of mine .

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The second face give me this retro feeling of everlasting grandeur. Really, the hands, so beautiful and on top of the second hand, an almost hidden battery, sliding along the second hand. Combining the second hand with a watch battery is so out of the box. And you know, I like that a lot! Thanks for sharing!

Hope others chime in to expand on the aspects of illusion in a face. I remember once standing in a little church in Milano where some painter painted a trompe l’oeil on a big wall. They fooled me - still after so many centuries - letting me thinking that there was a big hall! I thought, then, I heard the painter laughing, again. Funny, I like to do that now on F, too.

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Sadly my friend True Art does not “Sell” as long as you are happy to entertain Yourself , your growing list of Followers and us here on the Community you have done the Job I want to do .

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