Unique Batman Logo Watchface

Inspired by the Romain Jerome Batman watchface I wanted something a little more than a logon on the watchface, so I created the following face.

In active mode, the Batman logo outline is the battery level indicator growing darker from left to right as the battery drains. I use a map of Gotham City as the background and a good crime fighter should know what the weather is and when sunrise and sunset is. I have the sunrise time showing at night and the sunset time showing during the day. The rotating day/night graphic has a night side showing a bat-signal in the skyline.

In dim mode, the logo glows with only the numbers, minute hand, hour hand and numbers showing.

Let me know what you think.

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This looks great! I like it, good work!

I think you used the wrong url…

Just for the dumb one’s, This is the batman face I think studiofiesel wanted to show… if not, kick me for being bad.


btw i’m kind of bedman myself I am really good in sleeping !!