Unknow error - help please

@dfrangu has reported an error with my Aviator Mk.1 watch face.

I display the date using text fields, one for each digit. For the first digit ( the tens ) I use:

Text: ($(floor(#Dd#/10))>0?(floor(#Dd#/10)):$)
Transparency: 100

When the date is the 28th, my watch, a Samsung Galaxy Watch, correctly displays “2”
On his watch, it displays “0”

Does anyone have any idea why that might be?

Has anyone else had a problem with this watch face?

His watch also has problems with the following:

Text: (floor(#BLN#/10))
Transparency: ($#BLN#<100&&(floor(#BLN#/10))>0?100:0$)

Displays nothing ( ie. blank ) when battery level was 98%; on my watch it would display “9”

text: (floor(#ZSC#/1000))
Trans: ($#ZSC#>=1000?100:0$)

Displays nothing ( ie. blank ) when steps was 8537; on my watch it would display “8”

The steps and battery hands work correctly on his watch so the flags must be returning the correct values. So, it looks like a problem with the floor function behaving differently on differnt watches but I cannot test this. Any ideas anyone?


What kind of watch does he have?

And yeah, the floor function seems to be the first thing I’d narrow it down to.

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Thanks for the reply. I don’t know his watch model. He did send a photo but I am not familiar with the different smart watches. Do you recognise it?

Do you see anything wrong in my expressions? I am not using them in some strange way am I?

Thanks again

You are missing the ‘0’ after the ‘:’ here. Not sure if this was a typo. I assume this should be ‘0’?

Next one:
Transparency: ($#BLN#<100&&(floor(#BLN#/10))>0?100:0$)
It may be because of too many operators in the same string. <, &&, >

Final one:
try adding parenthesis on the Trans around #ZSC#

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Thanks for that.

I have made some tweaks.

  1. Put the tags in brackets ( although it does not seem to be a problem elsewhere

  2. Replaced the text field for the 1st digit of the date with (floor((#Dd#/10))) and Trans now: ($(#Dd#)>9?100:0$)

I am not sure about ($#BLN#<100&&(floor(#BLN#/10))>0?100:0$), the documentation page at

seems to imply that such complicated expressions are ok (?)

Anyway, still not sure if it his watch or my expressions that are the problem :frowning:

Some thoughts:

  • Less is more, and be disciplined with syntax …
  • Don’t use brackets around conditionals: NOT ($x==y?yes:no$)
  • Use simpler maths: date 1-31, 10s digit floor(value/10). 1’s digit value%10
  • Don’t over complicate conditionals: ($(floor(#Dd#/10))>0?(floor(#Dd#/10)):$) should just be $#Dd#>9?floor(#Dd#/10):$
  • Similarly: ($#BLN#<100&&(floor(#BLN#/10))>0?100:0$) should just be $#BLN#<100&&#BLN#>9?100:0$

Thanks for that. I’ll make the further tweaks.

Have you come across certain watches producing different results with the expression floor ( #Dd# / 10) or similar?



But overly complicated syntax does not work the same on Creator as it does on watches (and varies between them).