Unlimited Mix Tokens Gone?


I have premium and one of the perks was I’d get unlimited daily mix tokens. I am now limited to three. I’ve tried reinstalling the app on both my phone and watch to no success.

Are unlimited tokens no longer part of premium?


Same here. I have had premium for almost a year and always had unlimited tokens until recently. Now it’s only 3 a day.

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Yes, it’s really annoyed! Can Facer gives us a good reason to do so?

Same issue. Premium member on Fossil Gen 5. 3 daily tokens only.

Came here looking for the same. I can’t find a single announcement or anything, but I do see that Facer Plus no longer includes this feature. Thanks for silently removing value, Facer. Sheesh.

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Samedi thing for me and triste feature Was the reason to pay for me…

Umm. Yeah i noticed it says 10 in the info. But im only getting 3 as well…

Come on now.

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