Unpleasant jumping hands

Hi to all
I see that facer creator and facer are under update. May be that the staff will correct that unpleasant defect of hands jumping at there place when you wake your watch? Galaxy watch 46 mm is my clock.
With faces of samsung store this does not happen The hands are always at the correct point when you wake your watch with a wrist movement

Been like this since I started using Facer last year, but we can always hope for improvement :slight_smile:


I do hope so… specially when using “realistic” faces, you don’t want the hands jumping around and glitching all over.
I actually made a watchFace for myself, and was planning on getting the pro version of the face maker, and some other payed faces… but I decided not to proceed as this glitch is an ugly behaviour… i hope somebody do something about it eventually… as it seem to have been there for a while… :frowning: