Unpublish a watchface

Brand new designer here. I published a new one and promptly realized it has too many glitches to inflict on anyone besides me (so I can learn how to fix them). I tried deleting it from the Creator page. Apparently, that’s not enough as there is a “faded out” version of it that I can’t open still in my Favorites and Recent areas on the Watchbox. I don’t know if some form of it is still out there on the platform somewhere. Thanks.

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If you duplicate it first, then you’ll have an unpublished copy to work with, then you should be able to Delete the Published one on the main, initial Creator page, where you’ll see all your latest Faces.


Thanks, but I probably did that in the wrong order. It does not appear on the Creator Page now, just this funky version in my WatchBox. I don’t find it on the Platform anywhere (that’s fine with me).

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Yeah the Ghost of the Past is there Forever . I think you can take it out of your Watch Box with a Right Mouse click on the web pages . We all Have them It is a Badge of honour . As Gizmo says remember to Duplication Before Publication . You can always spend the time updating it Rather than Deleting it .

clone it and delete the old one. I think it should go.

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Duplicate Before you Publicate .