Unpublish? unfavorite?

This is going to sound stupid but i’ve got two questions

  1. I published a couple super simple designs so I could get a feel for the process. Now I can’t figure out how to ‘un’ publish them? help?
  2. The website stopped working for me to be able to ‘send to watch’ from the website. so the only way I can figure it out is to send to my favorites list then send to watch from my phone, but browsing from my phone takes a very long time since I can see 10 times the faces on my desktop. Now I don’t see a way to remove from the favorites list anywhere?

I don’t know how to remove from ‘Favourites’.

I think if you edit (and save) a published watchface, but do not ‘update’ (to re-publish), it is no longer published.

You can’t un-publish a face, only delete. Which is from the facer creator. If you want to keep the face but it no longer be published you can copy the face, which puts it into your drafts. Then delete the published face. You will lose all the syncs with that watch when deleted however.

You have to remove a favorite from the app if I’m not mistaken. Just click the checkmark that used to be a heart on the right above the sync button.

Ahhh ok thanks on both counts

That doesn’t make a lot of senses on the syncs. but I suppose I get it. this one is OK, I just published the two generics as a test. just pushed one out that seems to be getting a few syncs but my guess is soon as it goes off the ‘new’ page it’ll drop.

I saw someone say in another thread a premium designer can tell how many syncs someone else’s face has. is that true?

I see about the ‘favs’. I don’t use the app at all on my phone. I suppose I won’t have a choice

IIRC the app won’t even install on my tablet.

it bugs me I can’t see what sync numbers it takes to get on the ‘trending’ or ‘hot’ list. Not that I’m shooting for that with my first face, but i’ve got two I’m working on graphics for that should get a good hit list. well I hope.

Do you know what kind of numbers it takes to get on the lists?

That makes sense. I appreciate the reply. Thank you!

I think syncs are private, I don’t think anyone but facer staff can see other people’s syncs. As for as the top 100, I believe it’s automated and refreshes every week. So the required numbers to get on there is all relative to how many people are looking for faces and when. I don’t pay much attention to the too 100 (website) I only check top 50 (app). Could range from a few hundred to a few thousand. Since syncs are private it’s hard to say.

Best of luck though. I hope your designs are well recieved.

You can unpublish without deleting the design…

Just make a duplicate, the duplicate will be in your draft list and the live one can be deleted… You do loose your sync’s but the design is saved… not perfect but a workaround. (I used it to keep my fakes for myself but not shared as long I am not aloud to share them)

Oh I doubt what i’m doing now will get even close to the top. But what I have in mind will. it’s going to take time in animations and expressions though and that’s another can of worms for me. Thankfully the docs have a lot of info, and I’ve found that there are a lot more published faces out there that allow inspection than i originally thought.

That seems to be the best way for me to understand how some things are done. Reminds me of how I learned HTML back in the early=mid 90s.

Thanks again, I’ll surely be flooding with more stupid questions.

That’s exactly what i did. Don’t care so much about losing syncs, I just wanted to be sure I had a copy

Sad thing is my number of ‘draft’ faces is growing.