Unpublished faces being synced?

@Facer_Official . How are faces that I havent published due to copy infringements been synced by other people ? I have also seen a large number of people liking them as they are called “Undefined” in my notifications and recently for a short moment even showed me one of the users had synced it before the name disappeared and the watchface went black.

If the Facer support guys don’t answer then it might be best to send an email to support at


The reason for the email is because I’m not sure that the support team checks the forum for these kinds of questions - I think they rely on the help system for that. As I understand it the Support category on the forum is mostly provided as a place where users can help support each other rather than as a means of contacting the official support team.

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Oh and I think it unlikely that anyone other than offical team will know for sure what might be going on with you draft faces.

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Given that they are a small team with a huge user base I imagine that they have to find ways to address the probably very large number of questions, concerns, ideas and feedback that they receive. One thing I have noticed is that even if one does not receive a personalised reply, it is still worth reporting issues as that helps to raise awareness of a problem that could be impacting multiple users and when the fix comes out it can benefit many people.

But really, perfect or otherwise, the email/web based help systems are the more effective way of getting support from the official support team. The forum is best for the kinds of issues that other users have found out how to address and give advice on. Questions like yours, that go to the inner workings of the system, can really only be addressed by the official team who know about such things and they use the formal help systems to receive, track and manage support tickets, not the forum.

Anyway, it is of course entirely up to you if you want to send an email or not - I’m just pointing out how I believe it is best to try to contact the support team if you want to. :slight_smile:


I think, as well, if inspection is enabled on your draft and a link to that draft is posted then it may be possible to sync it.
This allows people to test draft faces for you when given a link but if that link is available on the publc forum then others could sync it to test it as well.

I think it may be a recent development within the last 6 months that lets people sync draft faces with inspection open, if provided a direct link. Previously people needed to temporarily publish a face for others to test for them on their watches and then clone/delete the publshed one after testing, which was messy,


Ok guys, this needs to stop!

There was absolutely nothing offensive about @beatnickjones’ comments.

It is getting to the point that if @beatnickjones posted a comment saying “hi everyone” people would flag it.

Please, just stop.

By all means flag comments for the Facer team to review if comments are truly offensive but just because a comment is negative about Facer does not make it offensive. Not to mention that the guys at Facer are more than capable of looking after themselves and addressing any comments that bother them. They do not need and I’m sure do not want people to try anticipate what they might want flagged on their behalf.

I know there is a history, with unkind and unpleasant comments posted by many people recently, but we need to move on and let people get back to a normal exchange of ideas on the forum without people flagging every comment they don’t like. If you don’t like a comment, just ignore it.


this the bullying ive been talking about for over a month now. I may have taken things a little offensive but they started by doing this before. Over a month ago they started doing this by flagging every comment I made that they disagreed with that wasnt even offensive. Which made my mind think that “ill show them offensive” i have seen other people be treated like this too by the same people, and they have reacted in a similar way . If your going to fraudulently use the flagging on this site then you are just bullies and some people will stand up to bullies.

There has of course been less than polite behaviour by a number of people on all sides in the past, all of whom I am sure feel they were justified. That is the nature of an escalating argument, the back and forth after the initial posts are often much worse than the original post that caused someone to react. The best thing now is to put all that behind us and try to get back to normal. Of course that means that people have to be willing to let it go and move on.

My suggestion is that everyone stops replying to this and similar threads, stop flagging posts they don’t like and just get back to discussing faces.


Take the moral high ground? I did that for a month as they banned me then smeared my name behind my back for a month. Hwile they got away scott free. I tried emailing facer, a number of times whith my side of story and evidence of there bullying and i got the email back saying they would contact me, then… nothing. I want everyone to know who the people are here. so they get banned for the fraudulent behaviour… Im not going to be bullied anymore. Dont tell me what to do and expect me to be reasoned with as I never started this , but i will finish it. They can flag ever comment and get me banned again., I will then take this to the press . I know people with millions of followers that are just waiting for my ok to talk about this on youtube and run this bull into the ground

This was not an offensive post, just a query about automatic blocking of this person’s posts. It may have been angry but if posts are being rejected just because of who posted them then I understand that anger.

I have reported many comments by @beatnickjones where the content is vitriolic and/or containing obscene language but this is not one.

Blocking of comments is not mediated but based on the number of people flagging the comment.
@Facer_Official might be able to look into this one and unflag it. Your previous comment calling the whole company and community as a joke is what caused community members to flag that comment. The facer staff had no input at that point.
We care about our community and I hope you can rejoin us as the constructive member I knew when you first joined.

I also hope that people here will stop auto flagging posts from @beatnickjones just because of past conflicts, but only if those posts are overly offensive. Break the cycle.

Your designs are 50/50 to me I admit. There are some brilliant ones that shine but many I think Hmmm. But that is just me. The work is still good, we just have different tastes in faces.

I enjoyed working with you to get some of your rotation formulas just right not so long ago.