Unusual Watch design

Well guys this was a creation for a family member but i ended up liking it tell me what you think please


I like it, I need to figure out day and date dials next I tihnk, I’ve never done them yet.

They have made it easy now to do them as their are rotation codes for all day month and date makes things a lot easier than dividing them up yourself. I will enable inspection mode on this one so you can take a look ok.


Never seems to work simply enabled. I think you have to go into the design, view it and copy that url from the top not the share link url. You can tell when you got it right cos in the forum it posts as a likin to watchface rather than a link that shows gthe watchface if that makes sense.

like this

Yeah it never shows on this screen you have to click the name of the face at the bottom then it takes you to the main screen where you can select inspection.

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gotcha :thumbsdown: ty

Thanks Dazza, i got what i needed from that, and yes it was self explanatory once i saw it :wink:

cool your a bit like me it always helps to see how someone else did it then improve on it hehe.

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indeed :slight_smile:

@dazstacey I like it. It has an old time feel to it, sort of but not really Steampunk.

@dave6 I can help with your dials. I may have some tags laying around that you might find useful.

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you spoil me :slight_smile:

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Cool, nice framework for the Day Date and Month wheels Daz :+1: