Up all night to get lucky... watch-faces? Try this one

Hi friends! :hand_splayed: I just made another watch face. Please take a look! It’s green, it’s lucky :four_leaf_clover:, and it’s free too… I mean… How could you possibly resist? :slight_smile: Please give it a try, and as always, send me some suggestions? I enjoy the feedback, and I want to continue improving. :art:

Please let me know what kind of watch faces you would like to see next.[poll type=multiple min=1 max=3 public=true]

  • more Lucky faces :four_leaf_clover:
  • Ninja series (simple red and black designs) :snake:
  • Digital watch-faces :one: :zero: : :zero: :two:
  • Analog with hands :clock1:
  • Black or Dark colors :milky_way:
  • Colorful and light :cherry_blossom:
  • Feminine :princess:
  • Masculine :santa: