Update frequency problems

So I just gotten Facer for my apple watch 6 44 with cellular and iphone 12 pro max.
I notice that while facer got some awesome graphics and backgrounds for watch face
that things are not updatinbg that often, for example I see sometimes my battery on watch being 90% while facer watchface still claims its 92 or 93%
or things like after a walk it updates the steps maybe 2-3 minutes after.

so my question is, can the frequency be updates, I know it will prob drain my watch battery but I don’t care, I rather have a watch face that updates every 10-15 secons than something that updates every 2-3 minutes.

is there a way to fix this?

Hi there, unfortunately this is an issue handcuffed by Apple. All complications and only update every 10 or 15min. There’s no way around it. Just have to hope that one day apple is willing to allow 3rd party apps like Facer to have a little bit more control of such things. But that isn’t exactly their MO.

ok thank you, wonder why apple made their own update always and then the rest update everu 10-15 mins…

that’s how they roll.