Update time not correct and sync count request on FACER Apps

Dear Facer team,
I have upload some watch faces but upload time not showing accurately. It was shown 4 days back if even upload 1 hours back. Please find below screen shot. Also please add sync time by user on FACER app, so that we the developer can see the progress of syncing on mobile itself. Thank you. Thanks for creating such a nice platform.


You have a good number of Sync on those. I don’t think it is just Facer that has Chronology Problems. You would think it important since the Subject is all about Time. FaceBook for us at the moment tells us people sent their posts Tomorrow !!.
Facer has many Faces namely th Website and the Apps. Then Apple, Android, WearOS, Tizen, Microsoft and IOS to name but a few. I can not Imagine how it is possible to get that running smoothly. Face has not lost anything of mine once it gets on thier Server. That amazes me.


Personally, I’ve never noticed these issues in creator. What I have noticed is that if the watch face has the date displayed, the image of the face in links will always show the date it was last changed or published. And if the date includes the year that will also show correctly.