Updating variables without user interaction

Is it all possible to change a variable automatically, without the user doing anything? I’m trying to make a pretty ambitious watch face that will require keeping track of certain statistics throughout the day. Basically it will be a virtual pet, and if you go too long without feeding it, that should increase a variable that will come into play at a specific time. So basically it would go like this:

  • Variable 1 would increase if the user hits the feed icon
  • Variable 1 will also decrease at a set rate
  • If Variable 1 reaches 0, Variable 2 will increase, indicating a care mistake
  • When the pet evolves, it takes variable 2 into account (by deciding which image to turn opacity on for)

I’m pretty much good with everything except getting Variable 2 to increase without forcing some kind of interaction, which I would prefer to not have to do if possible Any ideas?

As far as I know it is not possible to change the value of a variable without user interaction. It would be nice but no.

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Darn! Thanks for letting me know!

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