Updating your watch faces. How to?

I only have one published watch face, but over the last day I’ve made several updates to it and would like to push out the changes.

Far as I can tell it makes no difference to the existing wearers, the updates will only be sent out if the people come back to the site and download it again, correct?

How do you folks handle that? Should I edit my description and add the change log? I assume there’s no way to reach existing users? it’s not like I’ve got a huge pile of syncs, i’m just not sure. a lot of my changes are to the ‘dimmed’ version

When you change something on an Face and hit the “update” button, all who sync, new and current will see the updated version.

Also will the updated version be displayed on the site.

Unfortunately existing users do not get notified of an update currently. This is why I spend about a week testing and tweaking after I think the face is done. Just to make sure it’s polished and hopefully nothing needs to be updated. If users wanted the updates they would need to re-sync the face. The one stored on your watch does not get automatic updates. Right now the best you can do is put the update info in the description and hope people see it.

I would like facer to find a way for such notifications. Maybe an opt in push notification or something.

@syntaxracing happy to consider a feature notifying users when a watch face is updated! I think the big question to answer is WHEN would it make sense to notify the user if a face is updated? Should all users that ever tried your watch face be notified if you release an update? Or only the ones that have your face in their favorites? or only the ones currently wearing that specific face?

In my opinion it could only be done in the user library of faces. When scrolling through the faces you’re using, have saved, bought or whatever, have a star or other indicator on it letting them know there’s an update for the face. Or possibly a tag below saying ‘updated’.

Notifications, or anything else could be overwhelming and become meaningless.

I buy and sell items at Envato’s website (After Effects projects on Videohive and Code Canyon scripts) and the amount of update notices quickly caused me to filter them because they were constant.

That is a good question, I think that we could do favorites and currently wearing. Or would it be possible to also include people who have it saved in there watch even if its not their current face? I feel like these are the people who are really going to care about an update. If its not saved in one of these locations how likely are they to come back to it? Probably not high with new great content being published everyday. However I feel like people with paid faces are more likely to care about updates considering they actually spent money on them. So they should get notified somehow too since my paid faces are not in my favorites.

Maybe there could be a section in settings that you can choose to turn on push notifications for these different events and let users customize which update notifications they receive? I don’t know how hard it would be to implement these changes but at the very least I do like @johnt1 suggestion of having just a little icon in one of the corners showing there has been an update since the last time they had seen it.

I Simply put the word “UPDATED” at front of the description (off the updated face) for a few days… not perfect but if you scroll your fav faces it will be noticed.

But yehhh if you never look at that it will not be noticed.

Does an alert go out to followers like when a new face is published?

Don’t think so, only the first publish. I believe I read that from facer about updating old faces to be interactive ones.