Upgrade to yearly subscription

I Have put in a support ticket a long time ago. That I never got a reply to.

I am currently on a monthly subscription to facer premium. I get emails offers to upgrade to facet premium yearly for $19 99. I try to set this up but it never works

I try to update my subscription. Via the change my subscription or via the links ect. But instead of paying the $19.99 as advertised it tries to charge me £34.99.

Why is this ease ?.

I have tried via various offers and codes .ni still get the same thing. I have not had a yearly subscription before it is very annoying.

I would assume that the $19.99 special is only for those who don’t already have Facer Premium.

Hi thank you for the reply.
No it’s an offer to upgrade from a monthly plan to a yearly plan.

In fact, if you’re on a monthly plan. you can go into the app and click on the part where it says premium. and there will be an offer there.

The offer will say something like"upgrade from the monthly plan to the yearly plan for £19.99 then you will be billed at the normal price of £34.99" Something like that anyhow. you then click on it, it then takes you to the play store. it’s there you discover in fact its not £19 but infact will be charged for £34.99.

I have confirmed this by creating several new accounts and doing this. same thing every time.

If i had already of taken this offer up before i could understand it. but i have never done it.

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I think it’s because they give you the price of that offer in USD, then when you go to sign-up it shows in your local currency