Uploading gifs makes the quality go down?

The first 5 images in a sequence look fine but any after that just go down in quality. I’m new to this so am I doing something wrong?

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Welcome to the Community Matthew, I use GIFs quite a lot, but I find it’s best to play around with them in a gif creator or half decent image editor before using them here in the Creator. I use ezgif.com a lot which has a lot of useful features, but remember that in the Facer Creator a sequence cannot be more than 25 frames.

It shouldn’t make your image quality go down. You can compress your GIF’s making them smaller with free online tools such as: https://www.freeconvert.com/image-compressor

By doing this your watch face download will be smaller, load faster and use less memory and processing power which may also help your battery life.

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