US-centric xmas

How about some non snow designs for the other half of the planet who has Xmas in summer???


Definitely sounds like a plan @lynsinger3
Welcome to the Facer Community, I’m sure plenty of people will soon chip in with some cool ideas soon, hopefully, knowing how good this Community is, a few might even create some for you :slightly_smiling_face: Lots of friendly/helpful people here, and absolutely loads to learn too.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas :christmas_tree::gift:
Edit: some images to maybe help…
Australian Christmas 01
Australian Christmas 03


Welcome @lynsinger3 . It would actually be possible to have both backgrounds on a face . One for Cold Christmas and one for Hot and swap them according to the #LAT# reading . The GPS would have to be on . I have The GPS on any way to keep my Weather location correct .
I used it on this to flip the Moon over for the Antipodeans .

I hear you - Alice Springs I’m on my way! :slight_smile:


Hello, check this collection. That lady has there multiple fun non snow faces among them.

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