Use of "Customize" Feature on Samsung Watches For Designed Faces

I am new here and I have a question about the ability to create a watchface that has customizable features such as the faces that come default on the samsung smartwatches. When you are selecting one of the samsung preloaded faces on applicable ones there will be a button saying ":customize " and then when you click on that button it allows you several different options for customizing color, styles, complications etc. I was just wondering if there was the ability to create a face and integrate such features in your app. I have downloaded and purchased several watch faces, and while some are customizable in their design there hasn’t been any that I’ve found that allow you to have that customize button under it when selecting it, such as the samsung watches do, and use it to be able to customize the watch face similar to that. I think that would be a novel idea to be able to take advantage of using. It’s just a thought, but I think instead of tapping here or there on the face of the watch, while that is nice it creates difficulties between tapping to change the face or open certain apps or things like that. I do like the instantaneous ability without having to go to the watch face screen, to be able to change colors or backgrounds and maybe that could remain, but cycling through all the colors and backgrounds to get to the one you like, it would save time to have a lot of those customizable by the end user in a similar fashion as the Samsung watches have. It would be awesome if that cold happen seamlessly as I was selecting faces and that the same button and everything was just under a face I or someone else had created. I don’t know if this is even possible or if it’s a feature that is protected or something, or if Samsung themselves won’t allow the integration for aftermarket watch face creators to access code to modify and use for themselves.
I am only familiar with that brand of watch unfortunately so I don’t have a comprehensive knowledge of the features of other companies watch face integrations and customizing abilities. Anyone who can tell me why face designers haven’t been able to use that feature on the Samsung watches or if it is possible at all to even be able to do that, and of course HOW that it could be done would be awesome and much appreciated. Thank you for reading my submission.

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Welcome to the Community @jfordmor
I’m pretty sure that any customizable options that can be added here are Creator defined and not End User sorry, and obviously only available for Premium Subscribers, which I am not. Maybe someone else could look into this for you, but I wish you a happy time here in the Facer Community and Creator :smiley:

Some customization is possible. You need Pro creator to add these elements:

I’m unsure if you get the same options as in a Samsung Watch-face with these though, but I have seen things like heart-rate or next appointment or something.

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