Use of #SWES# tag

My first simple attempt to using pro features: place a hand in an analogue facewatch and use it as a chromograph seconds hand (stopwatch).

I’m placing the hand, tag it with #SWES# and upload the face watch. The hand moves, but it is way too slow. Apparently, the hand moves 1 degree each second, meaning that it will complete a full cycle in 360 seconds. Not very useful! Of course, I need the hand to move 6 degrees every second, so that it will complete a full circle in 60 seconds.

How do I do that??

use (#SWES#*6)

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Thanks, I did try that, and it has no effect.

did you include the parentheses?

No, and that did the trick! Now it works. Cool and thanks a lot!!

Would you happen to know how to animate the hour and minut hand all the way to 12 o´clock when the chrono is reset?

I do not have Creator Pro, so I don’t know how the chrono part is set up. I don’t think it is possible unless the last time is still available (if SWES is already 0 when you hit reset then there is no way to know were to start the animation)