Useful links - Free/Open Source Software


Btw, in case it’s not clear, click the picture to see a much longer list.

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Very good freeware list!

Already extensively using Gimp and Inkscape … each with their own strengths and foibles.

Big thumbs up here for Audacity. It is my #1 go-to post-processing audio tool. For example, I do a lot of work in Propellerhead’s Reason 10 then use Audacity to convert to MP3 format.

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I have also used Audacity extensively, for Lightning research.

Sorry didn’t include it, as it was not related to watchface design …

Cool list! If you guys can share one that includes links to download, we can add it to our “Resources” Help section: Resources – How can we help?

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That sounds cool Andrew :+1:

Links current as of 2/11/19:

3D Modeling/Animation (Complex) -
3D Modeling (Simple) -
3D Modeling (Voxel/Brick) - Magicavoxel - Voxelmade
3D Modeling (Digital Clay Sculpting) - Pixologic :: Sculptris
3D Modeling (in VR) -
Human 3D Model/Armature Generator -
Photo Editing/Manipulation -
Digital Painting/Comics - Krita | Digital Painting. Creative Freedom.
Vector Art (Like Illustrator) -
Storyboarding - Storyboarder - The best and easiest way to storyboard. | Wonder Unit
Video Game Engine -
Visual Novel Maker w/ No Code - &
Text Based Game -
Audio/Sound Recording/Editing -
Sheet Music Notation - Free music composition and notation software | MuseScore
Retro Game Music Maker -
Retro Video Game Effects Generator -
Screen & Webcam Recording -
Live Streaming (Twitch/Youtube) -
Video and Audio Converter -
2D Animation (Cutout) - &
2D Animation (Drawn) - Animation & Rigging — & OpenToonz
Stick Figure Animation -
Stop Motion/Claymation - [Mobile devices only]
Video Editing - Animation & Rigging —
Flashcards/Spaced Repetition Learning -

Awesome Websites:

Distraction Free Writing - Writer, the Internet Typewriter
Script/Playwriting -
Sound Effects Database -
Music For Film/Games - Incompetech: Royalty-Free Music
Pixel Art & Animation -
Textures and HDRIs For 3D -
Fonts - &
Learn Coding -
Simple Android App Maker - Redirecting…
Color Palette Generator -
Rhyme Dictionary -


Thanks for the helpful information. I was searching for the photo editing software link for my news portal from such a long time, and finally found it here. Great to have the link.