Using Cartoon faces?

Hello, I would like to make some watch faces featuring some cartoons such as eyore, and Jack skellington and a few others. Is there going to be copyright issues with this? Can I go to say to shutterstock pay to use then would it be OK to make designs? Or do I need to do that. I just don’t want to infringe.

Hi, andrewmccarthy069,
The best answer will come from the owner of the copyright. Contact them and tell them how you want to use the image. They will let you know if it is ok.
As far as Shutterstock and so-called “free” image sites make sure to read the rules. Even if you pay for a license, and give attribution as many require, some will not allow you to use an image as a “main image”.

OK thanks I will look into this a bit more, wasn’t sure how the shutterstock stuff works. I got a couple of friends who like that stuff want to make it for them bit not sure how to go about it

Also note that some sites offer different license types.
Some are just for web pages, some for embedding into app and so on.

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Any suggestions on where I could go that might be better for this application?

Unless you create your own images using a graphics application, you will need to check the info at each image site.

I can create my own I have affinity designer but again new at it also :grin: I will come up with something and make some changes :+1:

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