Using Characters

If I wanted to use a character like dopey or stitch or marvel, does something of an approval have to be needed to use a character. I saw one watch face had dopey on it, which u got on my watch now. But just wanted to know.

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The use of pictures are controlled by the copywrite owner. If you own the image or you have written permission to use it from the copywrite owner then its OK to use. Most Creative Commons Copywrite images are OK to use, but you have to check the terms of the copywrite in case you have to credit the author or use in select areas.


But how does someone check with the copywrite owner. Would like to use something if I’m able too. Can you help with how I should find out.


Disney owns the copyright on Snow White characters I believe. Good luck! Other cartoon characters are likely copyrighted by the massive organizations they are associated with. Again, good luck. It’s probably not worth it and if you have aspirations of becoming a Facer Partner, note that they do not accept anyone with a copyright strike.

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Thank you for reaching out. I greatly appreciate it. I’ll do other things to make watchfaces beautiful like everyone else.