Using the Creator page with browser Edge


I just wanted to share this experience with others about using a browser where you make your faces with the Facer Creator.

I have a pretty powerful computer, also fitted for graphical design, gaming.
Nevertheless i got - for a long time - never my animated faces doing their animation fully, fluently, without disturbing interruptions of it. Every time, i got these and to avoid that, i paused the animation and clicked again on the play icon. I just cannot tell you, how much that was pretty annoying.

I asked in my despair, the Bing AI about all kind of causes. I tried all that, nothing.

Then i did my own study, and i stumbled on EFFICIENCY mode, for optimizing performance. Well, it could have fooled me…

Setting that off, cured my problem. And perhaps other.

So, i thought perhaps there are other Edge users with performance problems, working on animated faces in the Creator Page. Hope that helps.



That’s a good tip. Thank you for sharing. Mine was already off, but I’m sure other members will appreciate the information.

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Hi. The thing is, i never put it on, so it was probably default on. Glad to share.

I don’t remember changing mine, but I use Battery Threshold settings on my laptops, so perhaps that is what turned mine off.

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