UTC/conditional Math help

I’m using the following expression to display my local time zone when I travel. My local zone is currently UTC-5 which I’ve expressed as UTC+19 as suggested in the reddit where the conditional was first suggested. I modified it to add the leading 0 whenever the hour was less than 10:


In Facer Creator, it looks like it works fine. However, from 00:00-00:59, the watch displays “0000:00-0000:59.” This is in the watch only. The Creator “Time Machine” shows the time correctly. Since the conditional language is in symbols rather than text, it’s easy for me to get lost when logically evaluating the statement. I think when the hour is 0, it should read 00. When the hour is not 0, then it evaluates if it’s less than 10, and if so adds the extra 0 so that I get 01 through 09. On the watch, every hour looks ok except for midnight.

Can someone please evaluate my conditional and tell me if it looks correct? Also, why would it display fine in the Creator but incorrectly on the watch?


Because I think there is a bug on the watch software with conditionals.

Ah, thanks. I guess I’ll just live with the extra 00s until the bug is squashed.