UTC day and date question

I like the new UTC tags and am using them to build a watch face that allows me to see local (phone) time, UTC and my local time zone which is currently UTC-5.

However, I don’t see any way to easily display the day and date for UTC or my selected time zone. Is this possible with math, or does it require new tags for UTC day and date? I cross the date line a lot in my travels, and it would be very handy to have a quick reference of the UTC date and day as well as the local one. I’m OK if my home time (UTC-5) doesn’t show the day unless there’s an easy way to display it with an expression.


Have you been able to figure it out? I’m looking for the same. I’ve done a complete smartwatch face to be stuck at not able to write an UTC date on my watchface. There must be a way when my local time (utc-4/5) is 8:34pm the 16th to show 00:34am the 17th but how :expressionless: thnx in advance if somebody know