Valentine's Collection from mobvoi and B Sharp ♥

I’m happy to introduce a brand new collection of faces designed by B Sharp for Mobvoi. The design concept is consistent across three variations with one specifically in mind for her, one for him, and one for possibly both him and her to wear :slight_smile:

The Valentines Day theme is represented by the inherently romantic moon phase display, along with the battery level indicator, integrated into the heart motif. Though it certainly is an appropriate theme for February 14th, it’s also subtle enough to be something worn any time of year!

The faces are each rendered with signature B Sharp styling and graphics to look like something special on your wrist. Enjoy!


These look great :slightly_smiling_face: Unfortunately I won’t be using them as I don’t like the Tikwatch writing on them (I have a Samsung) :cry:

@icrltd4 understandable. :slight_smile: