Values with a leading zero

Hello everyone,
I would like to have the battery status, heart rate and steps displayed in 3/4 digits (e.g. like this: 075%, 084 BPM or steps 0999).
How do I do that?? I can’t find anything here in the forum…
I hope someone can help me!
Thanks in advance.

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I will answer your question with the easiest one. To do this use (pad((#BLP#), 4)). The “4” is the number of digits you wish to display. Since the percentage mark is also a digit using 4 will put the leading zero in front. You should be able to do the same with steps and heart rate. If you include the BPM or steps it might mess with it so I would only use the number and if you want the description just add it into another element.


Job Done :::)))

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Thank you for your help @mrantisocialguy


New kind of sorcery…just when I thought I’ve seen everything…

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This is one of the new tags pad(N, 2) . Another is toFixed(N, 2) . Sadly they canot be Nested.

It is a shame that the article in the Facer News letter did not outline the new tags that well. Made to much of the Distance of the Moon Tag. We need more like that !!! I dare say it is very usefull for predicting some things but as you point out people are loiking at thier watches these days to monitor thier health not Fly to the Moon.

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