Very very bad application

weather does not update, It s impossible delete watchfaces frontphone and watch, It is impossible add watch to watch box. very very Sad for this

I’m having no problem with weather updating properly. Currently I’m using Dark Sky.
I have changed faces several times, deleting, adding faces. If you need specific assistance I’ll be happy to advise. Here’s my current face of Deserts, using Date/Time/Weather

if you havent tried it yet uninstall the app fully wait till it removes from your watch as well. then reinstall the app from the store. this fixed all of my issues.

I tried clearing data/force stopping with no luck the uninstall and it removing from the watch is what did for me

i have all done but only weather is solved. Now updates. It’s impossible now delete watchfaces from my watchbox, when i click on the white heart in the right corner of watchface choosen, first accepts with the symbol “-”, but when i scroll down for look other faces of the same author, the symbol “-” on the heart goes away and don’t go on my watchbox. Please solve it.
At the end when i sign out from my watchbox, and sign in again, i don’t find all faces of my watchbox and some watchfaces don’t have the symbol “-” on the white heart.