View purchased watch faces

How do I see the watch faces that I have purchased? I see the recent 10 (not premium) on the watch, but after buying a collection, I have purchased more than 10. The phone app does not have an inventory that I can find. I have looked for “watchbox” but either I am too stupid to find it, or it is not on my watch or my phone app.

Hi @paul2,

Your purchases should appear in the “Purchases” tab of the watchbox in the phone app (on Android). Is that tab not showing the faces?

@Facer_Official I believe hes having trouble finding the Watchbox?

@paul2 On your Facer phone app, at the bottom you will see a Heart icon, when you click on that it will show tabs at the top Recent Favorites PURCHASES and Collections. Your purchases should be there. ALSO if you upgrade your facer app to plus (paid version one time fee) you get 20 instead of 10 to choose from on your watch at a time. just FYI

Ahah… Thanks, The heart icon is the Watchbox. Who knew? thanks.


Apparently we need a better icon :wink: Thanks for your feedback!

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