Vintage digital? No, it is all analog

I knew I had to use my rolling numbers formulas for something again. It is just too good of an effect.

This is probably not something many will want to use, but I sort of like the vintage “jump” watch style watches.

The bottom AM PM disc actually follows the sunrise and sunset hours. I hope all watches support this.

@tom.vannes I had to replace the sliding doors with a sequence or the cover would have just floated over the hour and minute dials. :smiley:

The preview doesn’t let you speed up time or switch to AOD anymore? :frowning:


Oh, now there is no preview for free watchfaces anymore…

There’s been a discussion about premium watchfaces preview not working.
Now Facer fixed the problem by removing preview from all of them… :rofl:
Cool solution.

Your watchface now looks like (in preview) it doesn’t work well.
It counts 48…49…45.

Nice design, BTW.


That’s sad. It works fine in the actual Facer app but does anyone actually use that ad filled “thing”?

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Love those rolling numbers! Looks cool!

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Great job bud, and yes, it looks like @Facer_Official need to fix the preview, as well as the missing AOD option :thinking:


Thank you :). My right arm is in pain after sculpting the moon guy in Nomad for a couple of hours or more.


:joy: I’m sending a team round to help you out :rofl:


Haha :smiley:

It’s just a bit uncomfortable on the sofa with the arm rest so high I have to elevate my painting arm in a weird position.

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I think theyre working on it

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Cool design!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Since apparently they never will fix the iPad browser issue I started testing out the competitors app. This is one of the faces I would like to port over. My question is: Who owns it? Me or Facer?

As far I understand the terms of service, you own it, but Facer has the right to use it for marketing purposes, commercialize it without compensation, and a few more things.

Ah, cool. There are a couple of mine I really miss using.