Vintage with style


I think it’s a nice look, but I’m confused by a couple of things. A chronograph is a stop watch, but unless I’m missing something, this isn’t one. Also what is the number at 9 indicating? The number at 3 is the date I presume? Any reason you made the time so tiny?

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Hello, thank you kvansant … I understand that as a chronograph, it marks time in digital and seconds with hands. The number on the left indicates the battery of the watch, and the number on the right side indicates the date. About the size of the numbers, it is to highlight the design in general.

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I think what @kvansant is saying is that a chronograph not only tells time, it also serves as a stopwatch and timer. A chronograph usually has a sweeping hand that serves as the counter in stopwatch mode and is either stationary in regular time mode or ticks to the seconds of the current minute. Your watch does not function in this manner, hence, why is it called a chronograph?

Hello ircrotale, in this sense, my watchface is not a chronograph, because it only marks time. Thanks for the tip @kvansant and @ircrotale.

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you can keep the character if you just change the word to Chronometre which is more accurate for this one :slight_smile:

Truth!! Thanks👍🏼