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Wake up animation problem


I’ve done an animation based on the time since wakeup variable, but i have a problem with the implementation.
The animation makes a rectangle appear from the top of the watch screen, and stays in place after 2s of animation.

The animation works well on the website, but on a real watch this animation works the first time, and after the watch goes in sleep mode and then wake up we first see the rectangle, who diseappear after 300ms and the animation starts again like expected.

It seems that the watch displays the last waked up screen before updating it, thats a good idea to reduce battery consumption but i didn’t find a workaround to have a good animation on the watch screen.

Did someone already had fixed this issue please?


Sorry but you are right . What you see on your Facer Face when it wakes is what was in the memory when it went to sleep . Different watches show this screen for longer . Unfortunately Facer and all the others will always be the third Party to the Manufacturer of the watch . The manufactures are always going to favour their own Faces . Facer and any others Run as Apps on the watch . I don’t know the technical details . If you run AOD the first frame is the AOD so then it switches to Main at the correct time .

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Thanks for your fast answer.
Is there any way to know when the watch just gone in sleep mode? Like this i can make my rectangle diseappear to don’t display it at first at the next wakeup.

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As Far as I know the Answer to that one is NO. I know that Watches Behave differently on Wake. The only thing I can say is make Tests.
See here I recently modified a face to Fudge the issue on wake.
Inspect the Face there are some nice bits hidden in the Background.

Thanks for the share, nice watch face!
I will make some tests because my rectangle displays the date, and i don’t wan’t the date to diseappear after a moment…
For those who wan’t to know, here are the tests I have already done:

  • Diseappear the rectangle after 10s of wake up : This works even if the watch goes in sleep mode, but if the user is using the watch during more than 10s the date is gone
  • Diseappear the rectangle after 30s of wake up : This works well, but if the user look at his watch twice in 30s the animation problem still here
  • Diseappear the rectangle in animation after 5s : This works, but the date is gone after 5s and only appear again after wake up
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Yeah I think the " I look at my Watch" time is 5 seconds. There is a timer #DNOW#. If we were working on an Arduino I could use that to do wahat you want. There is #DSYNC# as well but it is not on the list any more. I have looked at tgese but as a no pro I can not get them to work the way you want.