Wakerand() broken?

I have a watch design called “Overwatch Mystery Heroes” that absolutely relies on wakerand() to generate a random integer whenever the watch comes out of Dim mode. The image displayed is based on receiving a new integer from this wakerand() function.

This behavior no longer works, it only changes if I switch to another watch face and switch back. It works in the web preview, but not on my Fossil Explorist watch.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi there! Which version of Facer do you have on your watch?

Facer version 4.5.0_4736 is on my watch (Fossil Explorist).
Android Wear version
Android OS 8.0.0
Security Patch level Dec. 1, 2017

Now I have Facer 4.5.1_4778 on my watch, and the wakerand() seems to be working again.


I now have Facer version 4.5.11_87794, and my watch upgraded to Android Wear

It seems that wakerand() does not fire if the watch does NOT have “Always On” display enabled. I can tap to wake the watch, and wakerand() does not fire.

If I turn on “Always On” display, it works.

Thanks for the report! We’re looking into it.