Waldhoff Renaissance - loading time

I use the Waldhoff Renaissance design on my Galaxy Watch Active 2. It looks beautiful but every time I look at my watch, the design loads from the old time to the new one. It takes about half a second.
Does anyone else have the problem and can help me?
Best regards, Valentin

I have the Active 2 and also a Gear S3 Frontier and both watches do that on Facer watch faces. I’ve learned to ignore it.

That’s an old problem that people here have been squawking about for ages. I think it’s the basic nature of all Facer faces because Facer is an app that runs on the watch and displays the current Facer face based on time & info it reads from the watch.

So when the watch first lights up Facer has to get control of the watch screen, read the current time etc., and then display the face showing that data. That startup time is what causes the jump when the watch first lights up. After that things look OK because there are only milliseconds between the time facer reads the current data and updates it’s display to show it.

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