Want to create for myself

I am looking at
K.I.T.T. Requested #1
No little Rocket.
May be I should be looking at something else ?

This is the kind of thing I was thinking about.
It is a bit cobbled together with other Parts.
One of the Mathematicians will tidy it up for you I am sure.
: )

I Am currently working on version 1.5 of KITT o
#1 I will post here when finished

This is what I come up with from the elements given to me by @upgrade-gd

Thanks again @upgrade-gd for the help with this


you’re welcome…always a pleasure


Nicely done guys


I have been playing with trying to get the digital clock to fade in slower and the hands to disappear when the clock comes up but I am having issues with it …

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I presume you want to use the accelerometer or something like #DWE#
At this stage I am not entirely Shure witch watch we are talking about.
In any event please make it Inspectable. I guess you are using #DWE#.

I am I will post the one I am working on when I get home

I am trying to set them to the accelerometer so as you turn the watch the hands fade and the digital clock shows but its not doing what I want it to I turned inspection on I’m sure I messed something up some place

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So my friend @viperh1020 a few things .

1 / When you are editing the tags you have to make sure that there is a number there top right of the box . Hopefully the one you expect. If not that means you have a Syntax error. In the example I have flagged for the digital time you have a ) . so too many ))))) also you have spelt accelerometer incorrectly… The formula above for the date is correct . So Copy and paste that for the time.

2 / You have Tried to appear the Time but made no attempt to disappear the hands.

@viperh1020 I have not actually done this trick before . it is possible you are in bed by now. But you will have to give me some TIME . He He. As you know you have to get this stuff on to your watch or the Watchbox to check it . I assume you Know about the Watchbox trick. The accel stuff can be simulated in the apps . But of course you have to have Saved it and if you have sent it to your watch once it will be at the top of the List.
The second screenshot is a trick to switch on the Accel stuff on IO . Some times the // is not necessary but it is a good habit , In coding it means " do not run code behind these marks " . You have to remember to delete it before publication.
So It must be obvious that I have to make a sample . It will take me a couple of hours . I am on the case .
I have decided to give my own watch making a Rest for a bit so it is good to help someone else.

More soon.

I see you were trying to use the above for the Date.
This takes into account Both X and Y axis.
You would have to get your arm into a specific position for the appearance.
For the Time. I would make them the same unless you want them to appear at a different rate .
In any event I would use just the Y axis so you just tilt the watch towards you.

It will be clearer in the sample I should make quickly.

So @viperh1020 My friend .
This works in principle .
Note using only the Y axis .
We may have to tweak the numbers to get the viewing angles right .
I will wait to hear from you.

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@viperh1020 By the way I love those hands but I think you need to make them more visible . I have made hands with two separate layers . Keep the slot its nice but try draw an infill between the Red lines so you can play with colour there to get them more visible. I know you like it but Red on Black Lacks Contrast.

@icrltd4 Good to see you here . I got into this a while ago. It is the only way I can think of any interaction without going PRO . I spent far too much time playing with the Gyro as the Accel did not work for me Initially . Since a few Updates it works really well now . I cannot go back . It is great that Accel can be simulated on the apps. { gyro can not ) . I do far to many syncs to my watch I am going to bust it doing that. I have to say the accel faces do not have many Syncs. Oh well I make the faces for myself. I was quite pleased with the Triple State one . Might go back to it one day. Have a look.

I’m off looking for material for a new idea now :joy:

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@icrltd4 Listen . You posted a couple of things I was having a look then you took them down .
As I said to @viperh1020 I am not making watches at the moment. I am off to London Monday . I would love to chip in on one of your Projects , PM if you wish. I have quite a few bits in the Parts Box that are not really used : )

I see you disappeared the Hands but I did not see you try to make something appear .
Would you like me to publish the sample .If the Hands Disappeared the Accelerometer is working.
However I do Understand you have lots of other stuff on the go : )

Which Watch are we Talking about?

Well done , Terrible waste of Time : )

I did pm you half an hour ago, telling you what I’m working on :joy:
Off for now though, having no joy at all tonight :no_mouth: :slightly_frowning_face:

@russellcresser made a few changes to it what do you think

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