Want to create for myself

how would i make an image or sequence that moves back and forth across the screen of my watch


For a sequence you need up to 25 individual images and for a single image you enter the movement into the x-axis or y-axis using a formula.
Explain best what exactly you want to do

For example, the blue planet moves as follows:
ROTATION (50+sin(#Dsm#)*50)

The yellow car has the movement:
X-POSITION (180+sin(#Dsm#*2)*50)

And the red bicycle is 25 individual images as a Sequenc

Inspecttions Modus is on


Also here I show you other interesting information where you can see what types of commands that Facer.io has, to program …
These commands can be used … having, or not having Facer PRO

Tags :point_left:

Expressions :point_left:

Conditionals :point_left:

Boolean logic :point_left:

Weather condition icon codes :point_left:

I don’t know if you saw it or not, but just in case … I’ll pass it on to you
Very interesting

Cordially JDCardozo

Please Inspect.
I am more into live action .
I find the restriction to 25 Images on the Sequence Tag a bit restrictive .
If the image is not changing you can move it round with tags.
@viperh1020 Show here what you want to achieve .
You will get tons of help.
@icrltd4 Showed me the Zooming Second Gadget.
Be aware that Followers are not really into Gadget Watches .
But they are Great FUN.
:grinning: :+1:


Throw the Polar Fader/Radar sweeping image over that and see what you get my friend :wink:


I am still building the elements for it but I am trying to do something like the yellow car in raven example posted above just with a red or yellow light

Please post the link not the Giff.

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That’s Cool . That is defiantly the link and Inspection is on . :grinning: Try Playing with the multiplication factors a bit . The two sets of images are doing the same thing. Nice Effect there .

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i figured out how to so a sequence, with this one it is 10 images to make it …now for the side to side sequence as soon as i get the art work finished
this one has the digital clock and date set to work with the accelerometer


In your publications you could kindly give a tiny credit to those who have helped you achieve your effects. Dump the Analogue Hands in AOD : )


Just an idea when it comes to Kitt.
The idea is not fully developed, but just as a quick fix.

That is an interesting idea…I was working on something similar to that for myself but now I may have to modify it a little bit …that is what I’m trying to get the side to side animation working I would like to put a scanner bar on it as well …but I’m having issues getting it to look right …

I thought I had dumped the hands in AOD …I must not have saved it or something…I will make edits that need to be made this evening when I get he from work

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Fixed AOD hows it look now

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I would like to see the hansa more. Dull back the KITT a bit it is a background trick. But that is me. It is Your Style. I know it is difficult when you get to fine tuning. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just synced that. I did not think I could do that from my Tablet. I think the fade in of the Digital starts a bit early. You could try increase the angle a bit. Fade the hands out as you go. This might be better with a flip : )

From my side, this was only a draft, an idea and suggestion. I have given the building blocks to viperh1020 for free disposal… let’s be surprised what he makes of it.

Also you could Randomise the KITT. If you had Inspection on I could have a better look at the guts.

Inspection is on