Want to see analog white face with black band and bezel

I have just scrolled through about ¾ million Facer watch designs. Has anyone ever seen a round white face, analog hands, Month, Date, Day, and Battery life?

I’d settle for just a round white face with analog hands. I want to see what it might look like on a black band with black bezel watch. Want to get an idea before I even attempt to create my own face using Facer Creator.

Searching Facer and Google did not bring any joy.

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This guy has some nice black and white faces: Vannoise

And of course MIKEOB has some very nice black/white faces: MIKEOB

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This isn’t exactly what you want but you may end up liking it anyway.

MAG 1310

Check this one out -

Here is another. The preview does not represent well so give it a try to see it.

I liked Vannoise VC08 Arrow. Did not get to see a lot of Tombot , because Facer just delivers a few faces and the rest of the time is spent watching a bouncing bar chart.

But thanks for the prompt reply.

Very nice. More stuff than what I need. But I like the gray rim between the black bezel and the white face. Makes the transition less jarring.

This is a winner as well. If I wanted Mon just below the 12, and 6/26 below that, and battery life above the 6, is that possible?

What would you charge for such customization?

try these…

Premium version: panda dial chronograph, one button tap shows info in sub-dials, parked hands at 8 o’clock too

Free version: info only


No charges, we are here to help. For example to add the short DOW you just add a new text layer, and enter #DE#. Try making a new face from scrach. Think of everything in terms of layers - whichever layer(element) is closest to the top, will also be on top on your watchface. Make your background white, add a number layer and/or tick mark layer, and then start playing around with time, and date. Add #BLN#% in a text layer for watch battery. Start moving things around by changing the default 160 in the X and Y axis. You’ll begin to have fun and get the hang of it. There are some stock analog hands within the creator.

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Personally I do not like white dials much, but technically it can be easily done.
Here it can be seen on watch with black bezel and black strap

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Hi @kojaks43_facer ! Like some others I don’t often do light faces, but I thought I’d try with a light version of my Gill Sans face.

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Search for White Analog in the search box. If you have like any of the below but want a black bezel, let me know.

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