WANTED: Design AR45C - Tag Heuer Chrono

Hi folks,
I´m looking for my favorite watchface Design.
After a new install of my watch I can´t find it on FACER.
The name of the design was like “ar45c” or something.
It is a Tag Heuer watchface with a Chronograph.
Under 12 o´clock was the brand “Tag Heuer” and “aquaracer”.
On Position 3 o´clock there was the date.
The Chrono shows at 9 o´clock the battery.

Does anybody know this watchface? Why it is not offered at FACER anymore?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help.

Yor will not find it anymore on facer because of branding problems. Some swiss watch manufactors are on the hunt for clones at the watch faces and the facer crew took them all down. You can try facerepo or watchmaker.

You won’t find them in app for WatchMaker either. Tag has been banned for a few years already. There are 45 brands on the banned list there. You can find the face files though, but only being shared privately on peoples profiles on G+ via dropbox etc.

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Hi phantasico,

thank you very much for your quick reply.
That´s what I thought first, as I can´t find it again.
I had also a look at facerepo and watchmaker, but these watchface is gone.
So I have to choose a new one.

Thanks again and have a good day :slight_smile:

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Hi killerwatchfacecreat,

thank you very much also for your quick reply and the info.

Have a good day :slight_smile:

No problem. Some of the guys on G+ who share them via their profiles have all been receiving DMCA take down notices from Google as well for the past couple of Months. Tag’s Lawyers are really going after anything they come across now.

Hi. I bought a Tag Heuer connected 45… after paying that kind of money being stuck with about 8 boring faces upset me alot. Sure you can change the face colour and the dial colours but theres so many other tag watch faces out there that I really wanted. My gear s3 has a tag face that’s much better than the genuine tag ones. All the tag faces I click on here says deleted for copyright infringement. So how do I get some decent tag faces for my Tag watch please :slight_smile:

There are a lot of faces based on Tag designs but are not tag copies. That is your only bet.

[quote=“iphonemg, post:1, topic:29877”]
[/All tag copies are gone from here and all other sites. Tag are protecting their copyright