Warped Digital Time Text with Rotation and Tags

Is there a way to separate the first digit from the second digit of the Minutes? There appears to be a tag for only showing either the first and second digit for hours.

The scenario would be to warp the text via the rotation feature for individual letters or digits. When doing a round face design it would be nice to have the text wrap around in an arc.

With math anything is possible!
(god damn I sound like a douchebag)

Here’s how to get them:
First digit:
Second digit:
Just change x into tag you need.

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Thanks @Mellin. I think that the tag for #DmZ# “Minute in Hour (leading zero)” would be the replacement for x in my case.

One without 0 will work as well (all tho it will give back the first number as 0, even if you use the non-0 one)

@Mellin with your help, I found another use case for the Floor calculation. I can pick out any number in a string. For instance, If I have a Step count and want to write the text vertically. Lets imagine 15687 is the current total (Also assume this never goes over 100K for the calculations sake):

1st Digit:


2nd Digit:


3rd Digit:


4th Digit:


5th Digit:


I’ve tested it and it works so far. If someone goes over 99,999 steps then the “10” text for 100,000 would just display normal (horizontal). Congratulations to that person. That would be about 40-50 miles.


Nice Script.

Can we separate the short string Day of week as well or is it only working for Numbers?


Only numbers.

I thought so … But nevertheless very useful ! I will try some creative ideas with this script if it is free to use. :slight_smile:

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