Watch 4 compatibility issue glowing/neon effects


There is a galaxy watch 4 compatibility issue, especially with neon or glowing effect style watch faces. Numbers disappearing, luminous halos make the time illegible and frames appear around numbers and texts, while on the previews and on the users pictures with other watch models, everything is clean.

I encounter the issue with frames and halos on all watch faces with neon or glowing effects.

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Welcome to the Community delavega, where you’ll find loads to learn and lots of helpful people too. As the Galaxy 4 is relatively new, it takes a little while for all the bugs/glitches to be ironed out, so bear with it sorry, and hopefully it’ll all get sorted out sooner rather than later.

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Since the Galaxy Watch 4 is now powered by WearOS it has adopted the problems that come with being WearOS. One of them on Facer has been the “glow” effect and the “stroke” effect distortion. Any watch face that the author has used either of those effects on text WILL have issues on WearOS. I personally do not use either in any of my watch faces just because of this issue.

Typically when you first sync the face it will look fine, then after a while of running it will start doing exactly what you are describing.